What do photography and ice cream have in common?

I love photography almost as much as I love Ben and Jerry's ice cream so that means a lot!



I’m from Cork and have been living in beautiful Galway for over 16 years. (I’m still considered a blow-in).) When I was very young my dad, who also loved photography, gave me a camera as a birthday present.  If this was a film that would be the flashback scene where the kid falls in love and never lets go of his new beloved, shiny camera. It’s true; ever since then I’ve had a camera in my hands.

Many years ago, a friend asked me to photograph his wedding; I haven’t looked back since. There’s something special about capturing the bride and groom-to-be throughout their wedding day and knowing they’ll be looking at my photos for years to come.

My work has appeared in several exhibitions, photography publications and the LA Times.

I’m a happy, optimistic, creative person who believes life is to be lived and loved. I treasure photographing weddings as they’re a joyous, fantastic occasion. I bring my enthusiasm and energy to every wedding to ensure you get fantastic, memorable photos.

I did a bungee jump on my honeymoon; it could have been a very short marriage! When not behind a camera I love music (think Pixies, The National, Stereolab etc), reading, playing with my kids, sports and Ben & Jerrys ice cream.

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Thanks again for taking the time to look at my wedding photos. I hope you love what you see and look forward to hearing from you!